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Freezone Business Setup

Freezone Business Setup

Free zones in Dubai are designated areas that are designed to attract foreign investment by offering various incentives and benefits to companies. These zones are regulated by independent authorities and offer a variety of services and support to businesses looking to establish a presence in Dubai.

Types of Freezone Business Setup Services

Here are some of the Freezone business setup services that are provided by us:

Company registration and licensing

We provide a simple and streamlined process for registering and licensing businesses. This process is often faster and less complex than the process for registering a business outside the free zone.

Assistance with obtaining visas and work permits for employees

We provide support and assistance to companies in obtaining visas and work permits for their employees. This process is often quicker and more straightforward than the process for obtaining visas and work permits outside the free zone.

Legal and regulatory compliance support

We do provide support and guidance to businesses on legal and regulatory compliance issues, including tax and customs regulations, labor laws, and commercial regulations.

Customized business solutions and support services

Free zones offer customized business solutions and support services to meet the specific needs of individual businesses. This includes a range of services, such as IT support, procurement, and logistics services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a freezone company operate outside of the freezone area?

Yes, a freezone company can operate outside of the freezone area by registering a branch or a representative office in mainland Dubai. However, the company will be subject to the UAE Commercial Companies Law and will need to have a local sponsor or partner.

What are the benefits of setting up a Freezone company in Dubai?